why choose us?

If you are looking to build a stylish and functional home that suits your needs and reflects your personality while having broad market appeal, then we could work together.

We work hard to streamline the complex process of design, consent and construction.  Our extensive experience in designing and managing a wide variety of projects ranging from small bathroom refurbishments to multi-million-dollar commercial buildings means you will have peace of mind while achieving the finished result you’re looking for.

When you talk we listen – we really do try to connect and understand your brief so you get what you want and not necessarily what we want you to have.  Our clients and colleagues like our down to earth and easy to deal with approach.

We aim to provide great design for a fair price, so you get good value.

The core reason we exist is …to improve our clients’ world through smart design… and this is what we do for all our clients – every day.

Here’s a few more excellent reasons to choose thedesignstudio

  1. AGREEMENT ON COSTS – We are up front about our charges so you know what you are in for early on.  Our fees are competitive and we provide estimates for all stages.  For new building projects we will fix our fee.  Not every design firm does this.
  2. SMART ENERGY EFFICIENT DESIGN – Our houses and buildings are eco-sensitive incorporating first principles of passive solar & energy efficient design.  They are highly functional, cost-effective and well thought out to maximise sun and views while being a joy to live or work in.  Our energy smart homes and buildings will cost less to heat and are warmer and healthier.  Generic design and cheap construction is not what we do, and we know that well designed homes and buildings last longer, sell faster and are worth more.
  3. FLEXIBLE SERVICE – We offer a flexible level of service so you choose the scope of design and contract management you want.
  4. PROFESSIONAL STANDARDS – We are continuously training to keep ourselves up to date with modern building materials and construction best practices.  Our documents are thorough and well detailed – good plans reduce pricing uncertainties and ensure a high standard of construction and finish.  And we stand by our work.  In the event that there is a problem (it happens) we’ll do what we can to sort it.  We only work with the best engineers, builders and consultants in the building business who we know can provide the level of quality, service, reliability and value required to help you achieve excellent results.

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and here’s what our clients say about us…

…”Clever buggers…” F. Alexander, Dunedin

…”We love our fantastic new kitchen. We never thought about doing that…You earned your fee in the first 10 seconds of the consultation…” J Hollows, Dunedin

…“Boy, you really hit a home run with the design of our house alterations…” R Oldfield, Dunedin


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